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What is an Exclusive Buyer Broker?

Exclusive Buyer Brokers are real estate professionals who work in real estate offices that always work for buyers only, never sellers. 

An Exclusive Buyer Broker can provide guidance about how much to offer for a home and share insights that would provide a buyer an advantage.

An Exclusive Buyer Broker negotiates exclusively on the buyer’s behalf, seeking the best price and terms for the buyer.

An Exclusive Buyer Broker works to protect their clients with contractual contingencies, designed with the buyer’s best interests in mind.


Client Testimonials

The quick and dirty: Joe is trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable, does not pressure you, makes you feel confident in your decisions, and cuts through the BS the seller is feeding you. We are 100% certain we could not have made the best decision without Joe.

The details: Joe helped my wife and I find our first home when we moved to Chicago in 2008. We had absolutely no experience in purchasing a home, were only vaguely familiar with the city, and the housing market had just gone through a major correction. We needed help. Thankfully, we found Joe. He met with us each weekend for a month until we found the perfect place. We said we wanted to spend $XXX on a condo, and we want to maximize what we can get at $XXX. We started in the neighborhoods at the top of our list within our price range and worked our way down until we found the sweet spot of condo quality versus neighborhood quality. When it’s time to move to the burbs, we will definitely be calling him again.

These are some of the areas where he exceeded our expectations:

  • He wouldn’t say a word until we had a chance to look over the place ourselves and tell him our opinion, so that our first impression was always objective. He would then give us his thoughts. This was awesome because he wasn’t forming our opinion for us before we spoke. We would then take a second look using his input.
  • During our closing, he caught something in the condo documentation that our own lawyer did not catch. We would have been out of about $25,000 worth of property had this not been noticed. This was definitely not his responsibility yet he still came through for us.
  • He knew the neighborhoods and was able to give us the pros and cons of each one. He would also take us out to breakfast/lunch places to get a feel for the hood.
  • He knew all of the sellers we interacted with and made sure to point out when we were being BS’ed. He would also call off the seller if he/she was hounding us too much while we were doing our walk through.
  • Always on time, very nice, and did not pressure us. Felt more like a friend by the time we were done.

We recently worked with Joe at Buyer’s Advantage to purchase a home in the Glenview/Northfield/Northbrook area. Joe was recommended to us by our previous real estate agent (which says a lot) who had used him to buy a place in the city.

We were impressed with a number of things about Joe. Not only was he responsive and attentive from day one through the closing process, but he listened to us and only took us to properties he felt might meet the needs and requests we originally set out to find. He has a vast knowledge of not only a number of communities around the Chicago area but also of building construction.

He was the only agent I have worked with who actually wanted to make sure he understood the issues with a house, instead of waiting for an inspection to find out something was wrong. His knowledge of building materials and construction is very strong, and he always took the opportunity to answer any questions. Another thing that impressed us about Joe was that he was very patient. We had to see a number of homes over an extended time period before we found the right one (which we are very happy with). We asked a ton of questions and at times spent a lot of time at properties trying to figure out how or if certain things worked. Never along the way did he try to push us into anything. He always took a very thoughtful, and unbiased approach to evaluating the property and making the decision on an offer. When it finally came time to make one, the negotiation was lengthy and his negotiation skills paid off as we found a wonderful home at what we considered to be an attractive price (and significantly under the already reduced asking price).

Its hard to write a higher recommendation for someone other than Joe in this business- and we would highly recommend anyone in the market to buy a home to meet with Joe and experience the high level of knowledge and service for themselves.

We have used Joe three different times since we moved to Chicago from New York City about 10 years ago and have referred him to many friends who have used him as well.  Joe is everything that we wanted in a realtor: smart, knowledgeable, insightful, opinionated (but not too opinionated) and honest. We felt like we were partners with Joe on our mission to find a house in Chicago that both fit within our budget and made us excited to call it home.

Joe had us look at things that were a little cheaper and see what trade-offs those require (hello el tracks practically in the backyard…oh yes, that kitchen does need to be redone…) and we looked at higher-priced homes to see if we wanted to wait and save up. We never felt pressure to buy anything and felt that he always showed us all sorts of options. We also felt like we were generally in sync with Joe…there was never a place that he thought was awesome and we hated. He knows the market cold and is able to offer useful and practical advice on what to look at, what to look for (including much better insight than we had on quality of construction), and what things are worth. We love our home and don’t plan on moving again anytime soon, but if we did…we’d call Joe again for sure.

How can I begin to thank you for all of your hard work in finding me my first home?! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything from the free rides and lunches to the bottle of wine and decorating money – I’m grateful for all.

But most of all thank you for your dedication and hard work for making the purchasing of my place smooth and fun! I appreciate everything you did and I’m very grateful the internet took me to you!  Thanks again.

Joe helped me purchase a condo on the north side of Chicago in Lincoln Park. The whole process went great, from start to finish. I found Joe online in a random search, but overall was very happy that I decided to work with him to purchase my condo.

He was very responsive and always willing to go the extra mile. During the process, I could tell that he was interested in finding me a condo that not only met all of my requirements, but that he didn’t have any concerns on the property. I’ve since recommended Joe to other friends, and they have been very happy with his services as well!

I can’t believe it has been six months in my new place already. I love it! Thanks again for all your help with my search. I just wanted to tell you that I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to buy a place. Thanks again!

Jim, Lincoln Park


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