Rebates for Chicago Area Home Buyers

Buyer’s Advantage employs full-service Realtors who can help you every step of the way in your home purchase. And for those who buy a home using the representation of Buyer’s Advantage, we offer a rebate of 40% of the buyer broker commission. We have lower overhead costs than most traditional real estate agencies, and we pass the savings on to you in the form of a home buyer rebate. This can mean thousands of dollars in savings on the home you buy.

Here’s how the real estate rebate works: In most home sales, the buyer does not pay for the commission fees of the buyer’s agent. The commission is offered by the seller, and can vary somewhat from one real estate transaction to the next. However, for the majority of properties in the Chicago area, the commission is 2.5%. We offer 40% of that buyer broker commission – in most cases it ends up being around 1% of the purchase price.  We simply give you a check for that amount at closing.

For example, let’s say you buy a home for $500,000 through us, and the commission offered to the buyer’s agent is 2.5%. Most real estate agents keep all of this money and use part of it to pay for their overhead costs – franchise fees, administrative overhead, agent’s salary, advertising, etc. We have some of these kinds of costs too – we just have a lot fewer of them than most agents. So we pass a good portion of the money back to you. In the example above of a $500,000 purchase, you’d typically get a check for $5,000 at closing – even before trying to negotiate any money off the price with the seller.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We offer a commission rebate to Chicago area homebuyers: 1) because we have low overhead costs and can afford to do this, and 2) to be more attractive to homebuyers than our competitors.

Please note: we extend this offer of a rebate of 40% of the buyer broker commission to buyers that are searching for properties priced at $350,000 and up. If you are looking for a property priced under $350,000, we can still offer you a rebate – but it would likely be a somewhat smaller one.  Feel free to call to discuss the options.

Also, Please note, we don’t service all areas of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  We just are not knowledgeable enough in all geographic areas to provide our customers with top notch representation.  Feel free to call us to see if we work in the areas you are looking to purchase.

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