Joe McInerney – Exclusive Buyer Broker
Recognized as one of the Top Chicago Area Realtors for 10 Straight Years

I started Buyer’s Advantage to provide home buyers exclusive representation. Buying a home is a major decision and as a buyer you deserve to have someone on your side.

I will diligently listen, plan, and work for you to find your new home!

I am a licensed attorney with a Law degree from Loyola University of Chicago.  I spent five years with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.  I hold a Finance degree from Marquette University.  I believe my educational and professional experiences in law and finance help me with the research, contract, negotiation and financing aspects of Real Estate.

Additionally, I have built and renovated numerous homes throughout the Chicago area and believe that my construction and building experience help me point out construction issues and trends when evaluating a client’s prospective new home.  It also allows me to confidently discuss upgrades or renovations that may be made to a property in order to maximize a clients enjoyment of and investment return on a their potential new home.

We are a full service real estate company dedicated exclusively to home buyer representation. As a full service firm we have full access to the MLS, FSBO properties, and new construction projects.

It is our job to advise, counsel and represent you throughout the home buying process. We aggressively seek all potential properties which meet your parameters and goals, use the latest technology to have up-to-the-minute information about new houses on the market, and loyally negotiate on your behalf for the best price for your new home.

Our services cost you, the buyer, nothing.

Buyer’s Advantage was formed to give home buyers in the Chicago area specialized representation in buying their new home. People laugh when asked if they would use their competitor’s attorney if filing for a lawsuit against them, but they readily use a seller’s agent when looking for a house.

Remember, the following:

Seller’s Goal:

Get the most money for my house

Buyer’s Goal:

Get the best house for the lowest cost

Are the goals the same?

No! Then why use the same agent?

Buyer’s Advantage is a full service Exclsuive Buyer Broker. We only represent buyers. We offer you the latest technology for your home search and negotiate the best deal on your new home. Our services cost you, the buyer, nothing.  What are you waiting for?

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