What is the difference between an Exclusive Buyer Broker and a traditional Realtor?

An Exclusive Buyer Broker is a real estate agent that specializes in representing people buying homes. Exclusive Buyer Brokers do not represent people who are selling their homes in order to avoid the conflict of interests it creates.

What is representation and why is it important?

Representation is important because it requires a realtor who is representing you to be loyal to you and keep your information confidential, among other responsibilities.

An Exclusive Buyer Broker will seek out useful information about the seller and the property, such as:

· how much the seller paid for the property (this is public information)

· why the sellers are selling the property

· how long the property has been on the market

· if the home been listed before and not sold

· if there are potential problems with the property

· if it will be difficult for you to sell the property after you have purchased it

· if there are property value, airport noise, road, traffic, or neighborhood issues that could affect your enjoyment

· if there are issuse that may make this home a bad investment

What training does a Exclusive Buyer Broker receive?

Exclusive Buyer Brokers are trained to evaluate home prices and detect problems in a home or neighborhood. They are also trained in effective negotiation and in persuading sellers to accept a lower price. Exclusive Buyer Brokers are real estate investment advisors who help you get the best investment possible.

What if I want to buy a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home?

Then you should work with Buyer’s Advantage. We encourage and receive information from private people who are selling their home on their own (which the industry calls FSBOs–For Sale By Owner). We share this information with our clients when the property fits their preferred area, price range, and other criteria.

Can you help me find a lot and/or a builder?

We help our clients find a suitable lot, find a reputable and effective builder, and many of the other tasks involved in building a home. A builder that does a poor job will leave you poorer, more stressed and upset, and potentially homeless and deep in debt. Let an independent professional help you. The best builders often have no advertising, because they don’t need it. Undecided about building versus existing homes? We help people understand the difference all the time. Just call us.

What can Buyer’s Advantage do for me?

Buyer’s Advantage, Exclusive Buyer Brokers, helps you:

· find existing homes and new construction options from all sources,

· see an independent evaluation of a home’s purchase price and neighborhood, and

· negotiate to get you the best price.

What does this cost me?

There are no costs to you for this service.

How does Buyer’s Advantage get paid?

Like almost all agents on the buy side of a real estate transaction, we get paid from the seller per their agreement with the seller’s agent.

If Buyer’s Advantage is paid on commission, why should they try and save me money?

First, as an Exclusive Buyer Broker, it is our fiduciary duty to negotiate the best deal for our client the buyer. This duty is something that we take very seriously.

Second, the word of mouth advertising we receive from a satisfied customer for saving them money is worth much more to us than the small increase in commission we would have received from not negotiating the best deal for our client.

How do I become a client?

Call us to set up an initial meeting where we can discuss your needs and interests, our services, and see if there is a good match. We also will go over the home buying process in as much or as little detail as you like, and point out ways to save money and find a better home. If you are accepted as a client, we will set up a home buying plan that encompasses all of your interests and your timetable.