We are committed to providing you, the home buyer, with an informative, cost saving approach to find your new home.  As an Exclusive Buyer Broker we promise:

  • Experience – With over 10 years of experience representing only home buyers, we have seen it all, through good and bad markets.  We have the experience to help you find the perfect home, while getting you the best price.  We will explain the process and help guide you along every stage of the process.
  • Honesty – We are not cheerleaders.  We will not only point out the good aspects of a property, but will actively explain to you what the negatives of a certain property may be, whether it relates to location, size, construction, or any other issue that may arise.  We feel that it is important that you understand what you are potentially buying and any negatives that may cost you in the long run.
  • Cutting Edge Technology Full, immediate, unlimited computer access to every property on the Multiple Listing Service, as well as new construction and for sale by owner properties.
  • Accessibility – Always accessible and easy to get in touch with, we provide our clients with multiple ways to contact us; from work, cellular, and home numbers to e-mail and text message access.
  • Knowledge – Buyer’s Advantage believes in empowering you with knowledge.  We do not decide what is best for you.  We honestly display your options and help you decide what is best for your circumstances.
  • Listening Skills – We are trained to listen to your special concerns and needs.
  • Superior Negotiation Skills – As a Exclusive Buyer Broker, we wil us our negotiating experience to get you the best deal for your new home.  We work for you, not the seller.
  • Results – They aren’t just part of our business, they are our business